A picture of me infected at Downriver Humans vs. Zombies 2014. It was an awesome time and I’m looking forward to next year.

I kind of like that I don’t know which blogs belong to which people I know in real life. Occasionally they will post a picture or something that reminds me, “Oh! It’s that person” but then I will forget later. The anonymity gives me a different perspective on them. I get to know people differently when I think they are just some random person on the internet instead of a full name.

The Sea and Its Siren


A solemn man led me through a wood, long abused and forgotten by a past people now gone. Without a thought I followed, hypnotized by some vague idea that this stranger became manifest of in my head. A clearing came and with it, a portal.

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Something that my friend wrote. Give it a listen read.

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About Me

Welcome fellow traveler. Allow me to introduce myself:

I am a person on the internet (wow), and I have a Tumblr blog (holy wow).

I post ART here.

Critiques and comments on my work are very appreciated. There’s always room for improvement.